TransBar 5 Solution

TransBar provides symbols for all symbologies, all encodings, and all current standards but the offer is declined in seven differents licenses adapted to the most frequent needs without undue additional cost.

How does the solution work ?

TransBar doesn't create barcodes as drawings but as texts associated with a barcode font.

The process is similar to the process used to write a text in a language that doesn't use Latin characters. Let's take the example of Greek: to write an English word in Greek, you have to translate it into Greek and apply a font with Greek characters to this translation (alpha, beta, omega ...).

In the same way, to write a word or a number in barcode, it will be translated by the TransBar software and then a font with perfect calibrated busbars will be applied on this translation.

This translation is, unfortunately, always necessary but in some languages ​​barcode, it is very simple to do it. For example, to encode the word "MESSAGE" in Code 39, it is sufficient to surround the information with asterisks and then this result is expressed in a Code Symbology font Code 39 :

Barcode Code 39

When a hand scanner will read this barcode, it will simulate the characters of « MESSAGE » on the linked computers's keyboard.

TransBar Software

The simplicity of the « translation » described above is unfortunately rarely possible. In the most symbologies or encodings, a TransBar translation is required.

This software is always provided ; in its most common use, we get a barcode in 3 steps :

In addition, TransBar allows to:

The barcodes fonts

The barcode fonts are installed like all other fonts and therefore become usable inside each of your software. They are delivered in OpenType TrueType format, to be used in office printing as well as professional PostScript or PDF, both on MacOS and Windows. Each symbology has several fonts to make it possible to obtain barcodes of different sizes:

Height Ean 13

In office software, the laser printer use is highly recommanded, a 300 dots per inch resolution is sufficient : TransBar barcode fonts have been optimized for the most common resolutions (300, 600, 1200, 1800, 2400 and 3600 Dots per inch). An important resolution is obviously better, since the minimum normalized width is usually only accessible from 1200 dots per inch. To modify the dimensions of the barcode as you want, once the font chosen for a given size, just modify the « body » used of this font :

EAN13 Resizing
following the advices of TransBar sofware to obtain a barcode without micro-defects and conformed to the standard rules. Resolutions less traditional (for example 812,8 dots per inch) remain usable with any micro-defects if the layout software accepts fractional bodies (for example 35,43 dots).

Solution benefits

Compared to the solutions creating drawing files, the benefits of barcodes fonts solution are numerous :

By the way:

Extra : barcode function integration to another software

Apart from the particular case of simplified transcription symbologies and codings (code 39 essentially), the basic solution requires the presence of an operator in front of the computer to trigger the transcription. In this sense, it is not "automatic". In many cases, it is possible to use the real-time server function of TransBar which allow to exceed this constraint to integrate TransBar to the service of another software.