TransBar is 31 years old!

Remember, 31 years ago, in 1993, DTP software had just appeared, they were called Aldus PageMaker, Ventura Publisher or already QuarkXPress, but the latter had not yet imposed itself!

When you wanted to insert a barcode on the spine of a book or on a packaging, you had to buy a "typon", a piece of photographic film that you received in your letterbox, then integrate it into the flashed photo by collage or by photographic print.

And TransBar has arrived, with its character font technology which makes it possible to integrate barcodes directly into all computer documents and all the printable outputs of all software, whether they are desktop publishing, drawing, processing of text, spreadsheets or any other, with optimized quality according to each printing resolution.

You were right to choose TransBar, which thanks you for your loyalty!

Barcodes Font Solution

TransBar allows you to integrate barcodes in all documents obtained for printing, by an operator on MacOS or Windows, or automatically from any programmable software installed on the computer or accessing via local network to a MacOS or Windows server.

Code-barres Ean 13 et Ean 8
Code-barres Code 128
Code-barres GS1 128 / Ean 128
Code-barres Code 39
Code-barres Code 39 PZN
Code-barres Code 39 Italian Pharmacode
Code-barres Code 2/5 entrelacé
Code-barres Code S
Code-barres Code 2/5 non entrelacé
Code-barres ITF 14
Code-barres Codabar
Code-barres UPC-A et UPC-E
Code-barres MSI-APB